Our customers across America tell us they want to talk, check e-mail or get
online from their wireless device wherever and whenever. Staying in touch
is hard enough without dropped calls, dead spots and poor reception.

That’s why we’re continually working to improve and expand our network
quality and services – especially in residential neighborhoods. T-Mobile
is committed to providing you with the best possible service and coverage;
and that means growing our network.

It's a big job, but when you're focused on helping people stay connected,
it's worth it. And you can help.

T-Mobile works with public officials and decision makers across the country
to improve coverage. These officials need to hear from you.

Why? Because they make decisions that affect your wireless service.
They need to know that better coverage means you stay connected.
By speaking up, you can help public officials understand that their
constituents care about reliable wireless service.

You can make your voice heard by signing up to stay informed and share
your wireless story
with us. At the appropriate time, we’ll share your story with
local officials to let them know you support T-Mobile’s efforts to improve coverage.

Your participation will make a difference.

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